Päivä 13

Day 13

”So nervous about going to therapy” ”What if the therapist is horrible person”

”Mayby I should escape”

”Hello, are you Inka. My name is Riitta” ”Hello”  (”She seems nice”)

”What would you like to tell?”  ”…” ”…” ”I don’t know” ”…” ”…” ”Well …”

Vomit of things   ”She was nice”

Päivä 8

Day 8

”So, what is it” ”I have this insomnia” ”Haven’t slept in a week ’cause I had this breakup”

” Are you depressed?” ”Do you have an eating disorder?” ” Have the taken the lab test?”

”I don’t know … ”   ”What would you like to have”  ”Sleep”   ”I’ll give you medicine for that”

”Would you like to go tho therapist?”   ”Yeah”