Päivä 111

Day 111

”I have been sick for a 3 weeks now”   ”Lets examine a bit”    ”I would like to listen your lungs”

”I’ll open my shirt so you can reach my back”   

”Oh, my bra is not on its place”   ”Regular flu. You should drink tea. Thank you, bye bye”


Päivä 107

Day 107

”To day is Johannas birthday parties, but that’s all I’m going to do”  ”We have a gig to day”

”Congrats Johanna!”  ”We have a pineapple for you”   ”Thank you”

”I’m going to Ultras gig now, are you coming?”  ”Msure”

”You came anyways, great!”

Päivä 105

Day 105

”I feel terrible”  ”I go home now”

”Ok, I’ll see you at Christmas party”  ”No you don’t”

”?”  ”…” (”That didn’t sound so nice…”)  ”No, I’m sick so I can’t come to night”