Päivä 48

Day 48

”So, here is the three days sleep analysis and a heart curve”   ”ok”     ”When it goes over the line in the middle, you have been stressed”

”Umh..”  ”Well, you can’t really say anything based on three days …..”  ”But you are not that well ….”

Päivä 47

Day 47

”Now, after this sleeping group, we are going to do this relaxing exercise”                       (”I hate these ”feel your eyelids” mantras ”)

”Close your eyes, feel how your eyelids are getting heavy, think about your breathing..”  (”Fuck”)

”Think: ”relax” and flew your toes, think ”relax” and release your toes …”                           (” ”relax”, What a ugly word ”)

(”I have a bad attitude”)  ”zzzzZZzzz”     ”relax and breath, relax …”


Päivä 44

Day 44

”Juuso, are you at Loose?”  ”Yes”  ”I’m coming there”

  ”Hi, Juuso”  ”Hello”

”This is S”  Hi, I’m S”  ”Hello, I’m Inka”

”…” ”….” ”….” ”…”

”…” ”…” ”…” ”…”    ”No I’m going to go to downstairs before this bar closes”  ”Ok

”I’m going to go home now”   ”Are you sure”   ”Yes?”    

  ”Something really strange happened there”

Päivä 42

Day 42

”Johanna!”  ”Hi”

”I know the boys and their ways, but why Inka is late?”

”Do someone know the way?”    ”Yeah, firs the store, then we turn to ringht, left, right, left, left, then straight and then left, right”   ”ok?”